Why is a Dog Man’s Best Friend?


The special connection between dogs and man is one that transcends age, gender, and culture. Ever since the moment in history, when man and dogs began to cohabitate, the animals have formed an integral part of our society.

The phrase, ‘a dog is a man’s best friend,’ is one that most people agree with as they can testify to the strength of the bond between a pet and its owner.

Nowadays, most people think of their dogs and treat them as part of their families. We take them on walks, pet their fur, spoil them with puppy treats, buy them toys, and take them to appointments such as the vet and the groomer.

We essentially do things and provide facilities that make their lives easier. There are innumerable reasons why dogs are considered man’s best friend; here are seven of those reasons.

Dogs Forgive Easily

One of the main reasons these pets are so endearing is their inability to hold grudges or stay angry.

You could accidentally step on your pet’s tail, yank too hard on their fur, or scold them for an annoying behaviour.

But unlike humans, dogs do not store these unpleasant memories in their brains. Within moments of such actions, the dogs are usually back to their usual playful selves, all traces of the ugly incident forgotten.

Dogs Remember Perfectly

Although dogs have terrible short-term memories, they never forget the love and devotion they feel towards their human family.

This quality is why your dog is always at the door to welcome you back after a long day at work. It is also a significant reason dogs stay on the graves of their deceased handlers and refuse to leave.

They are Sensitive to Emotions

Dogs are wonderful creatures that can sense their owners’ emotions, and most times, they try to match their behaviours to that of their owner.

The pets are always conscious of the feelings that are being displayed by their beloved human. After studying your body language and tone of voice to determine how you feel at that moment, they can replicate that emotion.

They Provide Comfort

A warm, deep snuggle with your furry family member is a form of therapy that works for a wide variety of problems or conditions.

Dogs tend to provide comfort to their humans in ways that make sense to them. Therefore, they bring you their toys, food, chewed shoes, or treats whenever they notice you feeling down.

These items make them happy, so in their minds, it should make you happy as well. Dogs have also been known to offer a paw or hug their owners to comfort them.

They Keep People Moving

Dogs, especially puppies, have an endless amount of energy that requires them to always be on the move.

As pets are dependent on their owners, their need to explore and expend energy usually involves their owners.

They keep us active as we are required to play with them, take them on walks or runs and give them enough exercise.

They Have Special Abilities

Although a dog’s brain is significantly different from that of a human, they possess a range of skills and abilities that humans can never fully replicate.

These animals have served as security dogs, service dogs, military working dogs, shepherds, cattle herders, bomb, drugs, and disease detectors, and guides for blind people.

Their uncanny ability to sense things out of the ordinary has made them indispensable to the human population.

They are Fierce Protectors

Once a dog forms a bond with you, there is no limit to how far they can go to protect you. Your adorable and lovable pet can turn into a fierce growling or barking animal whenever they think you are being threatened.

They notice when you are angry or agitated, and with hackles raised, they stand between you and the source of your turmoil.

Dogs have been known to risk their lives to save their owners from dangerous situations, protect them from attackers, and get help when their owners are in danger.

Their ability to ignore their own safety to keep their families safe is one of the primary reasons why dogs have and always will be man’s best friend.

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