6 Houseplants That Are Harmless For Pets


Are you a plant and an animal lover both? Well, we know it is difficult to manage both and especially when you know that most of the pets like dogs and cats are likely to eat the green friends. But why do  pets specifically do so? Well, it is believed that pets often tend to eat plants to calm an upset stomach or help process hairballs. While any of these might  just be true, it is important to ensure that the houseplants that you keep in your homes are safe for your pets too. With the exception of edible plants like cat grass, it is  always better to keep houseplants out of the reach of pets, but there are some houseplants that are harmless for pets and can be grown around them easily. Read on to find more.

Bromeliad: Favourites as home plants, the Bromeliads have tough, strappy leaves and cone-shaped blooms that look extremely attractive. These pet-safe plants are easy to maintain and all they require is bright indirect sunlight and a humid environment. These plants grow as soil-free epiphytes and are attached to a log that make them more pet-friendly and safe for cats and dogs.

African Violet: These alluring blooming beauties have the ability to bloom in low light and have an affinity for the same environmental conditions that people like. Surviving in moderate temperatures and average humidity, these plants require a soil-free potting mix and a balanced fertilizer to bloom the best. These flowering plants are entirely safe for your pets and make for amazing houseplants.

Gloxinia: One of the most popular flowering plants, specifically for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, these beautiful blooms prove to be absolutely safe for pets like cats and dogs. These plants require indirect sunlight and constant moisture as these are Brazilian native. These blooms not only enhance the beauty of your interiors but are also harmless for your pets.

Spider Plant: Also known as ribbon plant or airplane plant, these green friends are completely harmless for your pets and can tolerate a wide range of light, moisture and soil conditions. Spider plants look beautiful with multicolored leaves that add a charm to your interiors.

Bamboo Tree: A bamboo tree is not only lucky for your household interior, but also safe for your pets. Ranging from small sizes to large, bamboo trees adds a statement to your interiors and also stands out of all the houseplants. The branches of these trees are harmless for pets hence making for great indoor trees.

Areca Palm: Also known as butterfly palm, these plants add a feel of the tropics to the interiors. Sometimes palm fronds can trigger a cat’s playful swatting and biting instincts, so it’s comforting to know that the areca palm isn’t toxic for cats or dogs. Place it in a bright room, and allow soil to dry out between waterings.

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