Is Your Dog Truly Happy? Here are 11 Signs To Help You Tell


Without that aloof, nonchalant air that cats are so famous for, dogs are more commonly known for wearing their emotions on their fetlocks!

If your pet dog is happy, you’ll probably know it thanks to a display of tail-wagging, lashings of licks and even the occasional zoomie. You feed them well, give them plenty of affection and exercise, and have invested in some high quality dog training; all factors that contribute towards a contented pooch. However, knowing whether your dog is always happy, may not be so easy without the following signs to watch out for:

1. They greet you enthusiastically when you return home

Greeting you when you walk through the door is a sure sign that your pet is keen to be reunited with you, even if you’ve only been gone a matter of minutes!

2. They show you their belly

Belly rubs are a firm favourite for most dogs, and by exposing their belly to you, your pet is telling you in no uncertain terms that they trust you, while subtly requesting some attention!

3. They’re well-behaved

Stressed, anxious or bored dogs typically exhibit destructive behaviour, while a contented pooch is more likely to be calm and well-behaved.

4. They love snuggling up to you on the sofa

Not all dogs are allowed on sofa’s, but those that are, will likely enjoy snuggling up close to you if they feel happy and trust you completely.

5. They lean in towards you

Similar to snuggling up to you on the sofa, if your dog leans against you, it shows that they want to be extra close to you and that they feel completely at ease doing so.

6. They take up the ‘play bow’ position

With the front part of their body down low, and their back end stuck up in the air (often with a wagging tail and eyes fixed on you), a dog assuming this particular position is feeling happy and playful.

7. They have a healthy appetite

Dogs who enjoy their food and are eager to tuck in as soon as their bowl hits the floor, are generally happy dogs without any underlying mental health conditions.

8. They become excited at the prospect of walkies

Connecting a lead and the prospect of a walk with happy times, if your dog gets excited when you mention walkies or when you grab their lead, you can usually assume that they’re pretty content with their lot in life.

9. They get the zoomies

Zoomies are fun to watch for pet owners, and just as much fun for dogs! When they feel happy and don’t know quite what else to do with themselves to burn off all their energy, dogs may race non-stop around a room, house or garden with gusto, in something that has come to be known as a zoomie!

10. They’re whole body wags

Tail wags are a good indicator that an animal is happy (although there are exceptions to this rule, and expert dog training in Hampshire can help you understand the different types of tail wags), but when they’re entire body ‘wags’ from side to side, you can assume your pet is feeling nothing short of joyful.

11. Their demeanour is calm and collected

A calm and relaxed dog may also be a happy one, and knowing your dog’s particular temperament is the best way to ascertain whether their behaviour is an indicator of happiness.

Dog training is a great way to help your dog become a well-rounded and happy pet, as when they’re pleasing you, they’re pleasing themselves at the same time.

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