Author page: Misty Wettergren

How to soothe teething puppies?

Finding your puppy’s teeth on the couch or carpet can be terrifying for any pet parent. However, most pet people know that it’s a normal phenomenon and an indication that your puppy’s baby tooth is getting replaced. Like in humans, teething is a painful phase for puppies and kittens. Puppies tend to chew on things, especially household upholstery, bite hands,…

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Potty Training a Puppy 101

Got a new puppy? You should start training your puppy while it is still young to avoid the stress of training them when they’ve grown up. You should start with proper potty training since this helps keep your place clean and hygienic. Learning how to housebreak a puppy requires a lot of patience and consistency, however. Potty training a puppy, takes commitment.…

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