What Is Dog Euthanasia? What To Expect?


In the veterinary sector, Euthanasia is called ‘Putting down’ or ‘Putting to sleep’. Euthanasia is a procedure, where an overdose of barbiturates is administered to stop the dog’s heart. Many dog parents have to choose Euthanasia when the suffering of their pet seems unbearable and there are no chances of recovery. 

The decision to approve this process is hard but sometimes necessary to end your beloved pet’s extreme suffering. Some shelters choose to put those dogs to sleep because of aggressiveness, have deformities or illnesses, or are very old. Even with a no-kill shelter policy, there are situations when they have to opt for euthanasia. It is a humane way to end the life of a suffering canine. 

When to consider euthanasia procedure for your dog?

Consider euthanasia if you feel that your dog –

  • Is extremely ill without any hope of recovery.
  • Is unable to handle basic functions like eating, sleeping, moving, or going potty.
  • Is in extreme and unbearable pain as you hear it whining slowly.

Discuss these with a vet because your decision has to be right. 

What to expect?

Before euthanasia

  • Determine if you or anyone from your family want to be there during the procedure. It is not easy to see, but it may comfort your pet during those final seconds. 
  • Discuss your decision with the vet. Ask questions. Find out if you can have at home dog euthanasia procedure. If you chose a mobile vet then they do house calls.
  • Ask about euthanasia procedure. You will have to sign a consent form before the procedure starts.
  • Determine the aftercare procedure like were to cremate your beloved pet. If the process is at the clinic and you chose a cremation company then they will pick the remains of your pet directly from the hospital. You also need to choose individual or communal cremation.
  • You can even choose to bring the pet’s remains home to personally handle the aftercare.
  • Settle the euthanasia procedure bill in advance as the environment after your pet passes away will be the saddest.
  • Take your time to talk, touch as well as express your love and say goodbye. Both of you will feel the affection shared for years and find some comfort.

During euthanasia

  • Usually, intravenous injections with drugs that stop the heart quickly are involved.
  • Injection does work but not quickly as the solution is administered via the vein.
  • The intravenous option is easy for the vet to access the vein and painless for the canine. There is a negligible chance of complications.
  • The vet may administer sedatives before administering euthanasia solutions. It relaxes the pet and passes away peacefully in peace.
  • When the injection travels across the body in seconds your pet becomes unconscious, breathing slows, and stops. The cardiac arrest follows that is fatal. The death occurs painlessly in 30 seconds.

After euthanasia

  • The vet steps out and offers you some space to get emotional with your pet lying peacefully. 
  • Keep this emotional time as short as possible. 
  • If you have arranged for aftercare then slip out.
  • If it is at home dog euthanasia 

The grieving process will start but remember good times spent with your beloved pet! 

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