Tips To Keep Your Pet Healthy And Fit During The Holiday Season


It’s that time of the year when people start planning for the upcoming long holiday season. For most of us, holidays are the excuse to overindulge in everything from food to parties. While we are aware that overeating is not good for our health, you would be surprised to know that even pet suffer from ill effects of over eating. Vets from Virginia Beach veterinary hospital recommend pet parents to keep a check on their pet’s weight and health.

When it comes to ensuring your pet’s health, one condition that pet owners should be aware of is Diabetes Insipidus in dogs. Keeping your pet healthy and maintaining a normal weight is crucial for managing this condition. 

Planning for the long holiday season and staying committed to your pet’s health can help prevent the onset or worsening of Diabetes Insipidus. Working closely with your veterinarian can also provide a robust support system and help ensure that your furry friend lives a fit and healthy life.

In this blog, let’s look into some ways to keep your pet fit and healthy throughout this holiday.

Since holidays fall during winters, many pet owners take the dropping temperature as an excuse to forgo exercise. Pets, especially dogs are creature of habits. Active indoor pets can experience both mental and physical stress if they don’t get regular exercise and workout.

Tips to keep your pets active during holidays

If you are worried about your dog getting frost-bite, invest in pet outwear that can keep your pet dry and warm. If you are going for hike or long walk, cover their paws with comfortable boots. Make sure you clean their paws when you’re back from the trip.

Dogs love to explore new environment and surroundings. You can make their winter days exciting by taking them on snowy trails or playing snowball fight with them.

If you have a young dog or senior dog, who can’t be taken out during the winter, you can become creative and bring outdoor fun inside the house. You can introduce games like tug of war, pet games, and hide & seek. Depending on your pet’s health and their behavior, you can invent fun games for them.

Tips to keep your pets healthy during holidays

Too much of anything, even healthy food, can do more harm than good. The key to keeping your pets healthy is to count their calories intake. Holidays are time when we are surrounded with treats and delectable meals. While feeding your dog a spoon or two of human food is okay, make sure you overdo it. Excess of human food in pet’s diet can lead to gastrointestinal illness. Besides this, holiday treats like chocolates, sugary confectionaries, and fatty meats can lead to toxicity in pets. Certain vegetables and fruits like onions and grapes shouldn’t be fed to pets. If you suspect your pet has ingested anything that they shouldn’t, take them to any Virginia Beach veterinary clinics near you to prevent any serious medical illness.

Portion control and calories count should be your mantra to keeping your pets healthy and fit. Depending on your pet’s age and nutrition requirements, feed them high-quality pet food. However, make sure the pet food brand you choose for your pet is manufactured by reputable processor and approved by the FDA.

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