This Is How to Travel Long Distance With a Cat


Are you planning a long trip, and you can’t bring yourself to leave your furry buddy behind? Bringing your feline companion on a long-distance journey can be a new adventure for both of you. You can’t leave the house unprepared for everything or unfamiliar with the rules of the road.

Traveling with a cat can be the ultimate experience. Or it can lead to a devastating headache for those that don’t follow this guide. This is how to travel long distance with a cat.

Consult Your Vet Before You Go

This is commonly overlooked by cat-owners. But it’s vitally important to do before exposing your companion to unknown risks.

A lot of places you visit have restrictions and other dangers that your region may not. This is especially true if you’re traveling across oceans. Exposing your cat to new environments can lead to unknown illnesses and potential harm.

Be sure to talk to your cat’s veterinarian before going. They’ll know about the different risks inherent in different regions. This includes increased predatory dangers, climate changes, and necessary vaccinations.

Traveling by Airline

Make doubly sure that your airline is cat-friendly. Don’t book tickets somewhere before you’ve checked with the company that you’ll be flying with. Ask support what the conditions of travel are.

Conditions can range from riding in the cargo to having their own seat. It truly depends on each company’s policy. If possible: opt for an airline that allows your cat to ride with you — they’ll much prefer this to the isolation.

Before you embark, get a comfortable carrying for your little buddy. Make sure that it’s well-ventilated, too. Cats are curious creatures, so they’ll want to look around at their surroundings; it should include windows for this.

Get the carrier tagged. If you can afford it, the best cat carriers have a GPS unit attached to it.

When traveling by air, try to avoid long flights with multiple stops. Being stuck in a cage can induce anxiety. You might also want to consider a cat backpack carrier, for when you’re running through airports.

Traveling by Car

Before leaving, feed your cat in advance. This should be done a few hours prior. They’ll have time to digest their food, and you won’t have to clean up a mess in your car.

Pack some toys and goodies for your cat for the long car ride. A lot of cats experience anxiety when riding in the car, so be there for your feline friend.

If you can, allow them to ride with you on your lap. The extra comfort will soothe their uppityness. But don’t do anything that could potentially put you, others, or your cat in danger; ride responsibly with a seatbelt.

Depending on how you’ve potty-trained your pet, plan accordingly. Some may be able to use a litter box, but others aren’t used to eliminating their waste while in a vehicle. The change is jarring, and they won’t know what to do.

Inseparable: How to Travel Long Distance With a Cat

Sometimes, you just can’t leave your buddy behind. If taking them with you is the only option, knowing how to travel long distance with a cat is necessary.

Consult your vet before going. Check the airline policies on pet travel. And if it’s a road-trip, prepare to keep him or her comfortable.

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