Recommended Popularity Rankings for Reptile Thermostats


A “thermostat” that is indispensable when breeding lizards, turtles, chameleons, etc. Helps maintain a comfortable temperature for reptiles. It is sold by various manufacturers, including the standard Gex, but there are some that can manage not only the heater but also the light together, and the temperature can be controlled with a timer, so you may be wondering which one to use…..

Therefore, this time, we will introduce how to select the recommended thermostat for reptile breeding, as well as the popular selling products on the mail order in a ranking format. By all means, get an easy-to-use thermostat and create a comfortable breeding environment.

A thermostat is a device that manages the power supply of a heater or a heat insulating ball by connecting it to a heat insulating device. By setting the temperature you want to keep in the aquarium or cage to the thermostat, the reptile thermostat will automatically switch on when the temperature is lower than the set temperature and turn off when the temperature is higher. You can keep the temperature constant even in the cold winter or at night.

Some heat insulators have a built-in thermostat function, but if you do not use a thermostat, the temperature inside the cage may rise too much and the living body may be agitated. Please use the thermostat to create a comfortable environment for your pet!

Must be clearly marked as “for reptiles”

Reptiles and amphibians are not the only pets for which temperature control is important. Temperature control is also required for breeding small animals such as rabbits, degu, and hamsters, birds, and tropical fish. Therefore, thermostats for various purposes such as small animals and underwater are sold.

Basically, except for underwater thermostats used for tropical fish, there is nothing that can be used for reptiles, whether for birds or small animals. However, some thermostats for birds and small animals cannot set the temperature finely, and the sensor performance is low, so the difference between the temperatures you want to keep and the actual temperature may become large. ..

Unlike animals such as birds and small animals that can regulate their body temperature to some extent, reptiles that are greatly affected by the outside temperature require more delicate temperature control, so it is written as “for reptiles” or “for reptiles”. Choosing a thermostat is the minimum requirement.

The temperature that suits the type can be set

Even if you say “reptiles” in a nutshell, the comfortable temperature varies depending on the type. In addition, the temperature that does not affect health and the temperature at which activity becomes active are different, and the temperature suitable for breeding varies depending on whether it is a juvenile or an adult. Therefore, check the temperature control range on the thermostat package and choose one that can set the temperature that suits your pet.

In addition, the thermometer must be installed in the cage separately from the thermostat so that the difference in temperature detected by the thermostat sensor can be confirmed.

Check the maximum capacity (wattage) that can be used

The power consumption (W) of the heater used by connecting to the thermostat differs depending on the product. Most of the heat insulators consume less than 100W, and the maximum capacity of the thermostat is about 300W, so it may be rare that the prepared one cannot be used.

However, there is no point in not being able to use it together after purchasing it, so just in case, check the maximum capacity (wattage) that can be connected to the thermostat and make sure that the heater can be used without problems.

Check various safety-related functions

Depending on the product, the thermostat can be connected not only to the heat insulating device but also to the light, the thermostat can manage the heat insulating device and the light with a timer, the thermostat has a backup function in the event of a power failure, and the thermostat has an alarm lamp to notify the temperature abnormality. , Some have various functions. I would like to check these plus α function as well, as it will help prevent accidents.

However, the more features you have, the higher the price tends to be, so consider your budget and choose one that is well-balanced with the features.

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