How To Lead A Responsible Life


Human beings are undoubtedly the most advanced species on planet earth. This means that they have the most capable physical and mental system to ensure their survival on the planet. Years of evolution have made us not only the most powerful but also the most intelligent species.

Evolution of the mind does not necessarily mean that you are the best species around. Human beings have also been gifted with emotions, feelings and consciousness. If you learn to live by them, then you can create heaven on earth, and if you disregard them, any place is just like hell.

This can easily be noticed with some people who are leading their lives for a more significant cause and helping those in need. Many people have opened dog shelters and animal shelters around the world and are helping animals who need food and shelter.

Many other people are environmental activists who are spending their lives to bring about a change in environmental conditions. This is important if you have to ensure the survival of your race on earth at the rate that you have been using the natural resources, little would be left for generations to come.


You all are aware of the famous saying, with great power comes great responsibility. By being the most evolved species, you can do big things on the planet, which is not possible for any other species.

This can mean either doing really good things and making it a better world to live in or doing disastrous things that can be harmful to other species on earth.

Human beings have the power to do it all. This is why it is essential to keep our moral compass in check and ensure that whatever actions we take, do not have adverse effects on other species or nature itself.

The reason why humans are struggling to do better things is that our consciousness has not evolved as our minds have in the past years. You need to teach your kids and the younger generation about kindness and virtues and make a world that rewards these qualities in the people.

This has to start at an early age because children tend to learn the most when they are young. Imparting knowledge about qualities like kindness, sensitivity, and discipline is not enough. The educational system needs to work in close proximity in order to understand and reform the behaviour and habits of the young generation.


Taking big steps is important, but every big thing needs to start with baby steps. The same is true for our species’ evolution. You need to take small steps and do your best, regardless of your background or responsibilities. The following are small steps that you can take consciously in your daily life to be a part of the changing and better-evolving world.

  1. ENSURE CLEANLINESS: Cleanliness and hygiene is something every person needs to practice for better health. You can follow simple habits like using a dustbin to throw your waste and also teach your kids to do the same. If a dustbin is not available, you should collect the waste to throw it later in the bin.
  2. TEACH THE UNDERPRIVILEGED: Better kids need better teachers and a better education system that allows them to practice creative and free-thinking. There are also many people who cannot afford their children’s education. You can always do a part by teaching them the basics in your free time without a fee. You can also donate your old books to such kids.
  3. VOLUNTEER AND DONATE: Many Non-Profit Organisations help old people, women, children and animals. Such orphanages, homes and dog shelters or animal shelters are always looking for help.

You can donate money, clothes or even food to such places. Working with them is also a great way to be of help. You can take some time on the weekends or holidays to do some volunteer work to help these organisations.

  1. EDUCATE YOURSELF: Most people stop learning when college is over. A person is always growing and evolving with society. In order to be in a responsible part of society, it is important to know and read about the current issues. Educated individuals have a better chance of becoming responsible citizens so you should continue to learn and grow.
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