Tips to keep your cats healthy and active


Most people expect caring for cats to be a piece of cake. While cats may be easier to take care of than dogs, there are still some challenges associated with taking care of them. Indoor cats may be cute and cuddly, but they’re also curious, demanding, and confusing at times. When keeping an indoor cat, we must fully cater to its needs. It can include paying attention to the cat’s nutritional, litter, and playtime needs. Good daily habits can pave the way for you and your little furry friend to develop a closer bond than ever before. Furthermore, they’ll help make your experience of owning a cat much better. If you follow the tips listed below, you can ensure that your cat doesn’t act out and is healthy, happy, and active.

Give your cat a proper bathroom

The first step to ensuring your cat’s health – and your household’s sanity – is setting up a proper litter station. Cats are some of the finickiest animals, and a litter box with even the faintest smell can put them off. Without a suitable litter box, you can expect waking up to poop on your carpet each day. Furthermore, dirty litter can hold a variety of germs that can harm your felines and you.

The first step in setting up your cat’s litter station is ensuring you pick the right one. Scented litter is always a no-go. Instead, opt for unscented, non-clumping cat litter. Most clumping litters do a terrible job at absorbing smells and leave you to scrape out crusty litter boxes. However, cat litters made from absorbent diatom pebbles can soak up any unpleasant odors, giving your cat a fresh one to use each time. With the cat litter delivery service, you can ensure your cat and your health by keeping your home odor and germ-free.

Focus on your cat’s food

One of the biggest mistakes that many cat owners make is feeding their cats all the time. It’s imperative to ensure that you control your kitten’s eating schedules, as they can develop a tendency for obesity down the line.

Furthermore, cats are primarily carnivores and need a diet high in animal protein to live a healthy and active life. Taurine is an essential amino acid that cats need to ensure normal vision, heart and muscle function, and fetal development. So, when picking cat food, read the label and ensure that there aren’t too many filler carbs in the cat food you select. Furthermore, try to give your cat a mixed diet, with both wet and dry food to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. Your cat’s diet is one of the cornerstones of guaranteeing that your kitty lives a long and healthy life, so pay close attention here.

Give your cat ample exercise

Cats are natural predators and run long distances, climb, and ambush to catch prey. It allows them to burn off calories, build muscle strength, and stay healthy. Regular exercise can help your cats fight obesity and retain their flexibility. Remember – a tired cat is a happy cat. Exercise can help your cat sleep better, reduce stress, and can also reduce the incidence of behavioral problems.

Health isn’t just physical, and regular exercise is essential if you want to keep your cat mentally healthy and happy. Playtime gives your cat necessary mental stimulation and allows them to mimic their behavior in the wild. When you play with your cat, you get the chance to bond with them closely as playtime can be immensely enjoyable for both you and your cat. You can use a wide range of toys, such as wind-up mice, lasers, or feathers on a string.

Adapt your house to your cat

No one wants their favorite pieces of furniture covered in threads, but that’s what can happen if you don’t adapt your house to your cat. Scratching is a natural and vital behavior that allows cats to relieve stress, so you don’t want to discourage it entirely. With a scratching post in the house, you can give your cat a suitable alternative to your sofas. Rubbing the scratching post with catnip will increase the likelihood that your cats will start using it instead of your furniture.

Furthermore, it can also help to add a perch to your home. Cats are natural climbers and like to be in high places where they can view everything below. With a wall perch, your cats feel safe and connected to the outdoors too. Furthermore, jumping on and off the perch gives your cat an exercise opportunity also.


Many imagine cats to be cold, aloof animals that don’t need much attention, but this couldn’t be true. If you focus on your cat, you’ll see just how warm and affectionate it can be. These tips will help you keep your cats active so that they can live happier lives. They’ll also help improve your experience of being a cat-owner, so it’s a win-win situation!

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