3 Tips for Training a Horse


A well-rounded horse in a safe mount. If you’re ready to train a new horse, you should expect to dedicate a lot of time to the task, but the results can be incredibly rewarding. Here are three tips that can help you train a safe and reliable horse.

Desensitize with Various Objects

Horses often spook at unfamiliar objects and even the most experienced rider can have an accident when this happens. The more you expose your mount to, the calmer he or she will be in various situations. Make sure you introduce your mount to different items he or she is likely to come in contact with. For example, a barrel racing horse may see cows or sheep at a rodeo, so it is a good idea to make sure your pet will react appropriately to new animals. Similarly, jumpers should be introduced to various obstacles such as horse jump walls before a big event.

Train in Unfamiliar Territory

New terrain sometimes causes a horse to be anxious. Instead of limiting your training sessions to your home arena, try traveling to a neighboring farm or go for a trail ride to introduce your mount to new sights and sounds. It is important to remember that this step should only be taken after you are sure your horse is reliable in your home arena.

Enlist the Help of Other Riders

Riders have different riding styles. Your horse may be safe and reliable when you are in the saddle because he or she is used to your riding style, but you can’t be sure your mount is truly safe until he or she is used to carrying multiple riders. Enlist the help of friends to make sure your horse experiences many riding styles.

Having a safe horse is desirable for many riders so if you’re going to train a mount, you need to ensure he or she is reliable. These three tips can help you with the training process.

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