Tips To Maintain Healthy Weight For Your Dogs


A healthy dog weight means reduced risks of severe situations linked with obesity and good quality of life. Whether your pet dog has gained weight, lost it, or you are just looking to ensure that it stays fit, it is vital to ensure that you are doing the correct things to keep the weight constant and healthy. Maintain good practices to keep your dog healthy and fit. Below are a few tips for maintaining a healthy weight for your dogs:

Controlled Feeding

Reduce free-feeding and control the feeds of your dog. Based on the breed and age of your dog along with some other factors, it has different demands for nutrition. Controlling the amount of dog food they eat is important to keep them at a healthy weight. With a controlled schedule, give your dog a fixed amount of dry dog food daily depending on their nutritional needs and weight.

Don’t Feed Table Scraps

Feeding human food to your dog is among the worst things that you do. It is because not every human food is good for dogs. Puppy dog food is nutritionally balanced. Is human food too? Not much. So, avoid feeding raw diets to your dog – where fruits, vegetables, meats, and bones are offered raw.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is as vital as nutritional diets for your dog. Exercise can help improve their muscle tone, reduce their boredom, and boost metabolism. A vet will suggest the right amount of exercises for your dog based on their breed, health needs, and age.

Regularly Weigh Your Dog

Keep track of your pooch’s weight. Since it is difficult with older dogs, you will have to visit a vet to get the exact weight. But for a puppy, you can use a household scale. It is vital to make sure that your dog maintains a healthy weight and stays there.

Limit Treats

Just like with humans, dogs should also be given treats occasionally. People sometimes overindulge their dogs with treats. But you should ensure that calories from the treats should not be over 10% of your hound’s everyday calorie intake. Make treats low calorie and healthy and also occasional. Your dog does not need a treat whenever it does something.

Stick to Good Feeding Behaviour

Always maintain good feeding practices rigorously for your dog. This will help them maintain a healthy weight. Feed them daily at the same place, same time, and in the same bowl. They will then become used to particular mealtimes.

With a correct mindset, you can support your dog to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle and a healthy weight. Ensuring that your dog gets the best nutrients for their lifestyle is important to maintain a healthy and stable weight. For more ideas to manage the weight of your dog, you can talk to a vet.

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