What are the Safest Treats for Your Pet?


One of the best ways to show that you love and care for your pets is to keep them healthy. Feed only the healthiest of foods to them, including treats. It is common to overindulge pets with treats that they might find favorable but are detrimental to their health. They could end up getting food-poisoned in the name of love.

Pet treats are a big market with many options based on the type of pet and age. Tasty treats that are also healthy are available aplenty. Determining such healthy ones is possible by learning about them on portals like Expert Paws. Trustworthy sites contain a lot of information you may need to solve the issue. Some might even have an online store selling them.

Some of the commonplace healthy treats for pets recommended on sites like Expert Paws are:

Fruits and Vegetables

Treat tips of this category apply particularly to dogs. Store-based treats are the norm, with owners believing that treating their dogs with items high on fat and sugar content will please them. Those treats, however, will only make your dogs’ insides worse.

Dogs could instead be fed pieces of baby carrots, broccoli, and string beans. It won’t affect their affection towards you, as its basis is on whether you give them treats instead of the kind of treats. Make sure that treats don’t cross 10% of their daily caloric needs.

Catnip to Nip Away the Calories

Catnip has something of a reputation among cat owners for its ability to turn a cat’s attention off. This property has many people skeptical of its health-related effects. Some even confuse it as a means to merely get cats high and infuse it with cat-oriented CBD products. Remember that misinformation reigns supreme here.

Cats have been getting on catnip for a long time and have not shown any adverse effects. The good news is that catnip can serve as a substitute treat for high calorific ones. Since cats are smaller than dogs and lead sedentary lives, they have lower caloric needs than dogs.

Excess treats can add to their daily calories and turn them obese, which brings a different set of health problems. Cats can be fed catnip to prevent overeating, leaving them healthy and high for long.

Homemade Treats

The internet is awash with videos on how to make your pet treats. Things like pet biscuits can be easily made right at home using ingredients and food items already available. It not only keeps your pet healthy but also saves some money.

Make sure to consult your vet before figuring out what to feed your pet as they could be allergic to some foods. Some human foods like coffee, avocados, etc., are deadly to pets, so they are best avoided.

The world of pet treats is expansive, much like how your life is with your favorite pet. Apart from it, there are many more reasons why you must consult quality pet health sources like Expert Paws before embarking on a journey to treat them with all your love.

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