How to Move With a Dog: A Complete Guide


Moving in general causes much stress. Moving with a dog adds to the stress. Some dogs enjoy long car rides and would have a blast traveling for the move.

Other dogs don’t do so well in the car and a long car ride might be overwhelming for them. No matter what type of dog you have, you’ll want to know some tips and tricks on how to move with a dog. Knowing the best tips and tricks is the best way to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible for both you and your dog.

Are you ready to get moving along to the new chapter in your life with your pup?

Continue reading below for a list of several tips on moving with a dog. Here’s everything you need to know!

Let Them Burn Their Energy

Before you pack up the car and head out for the move, try to let your pup burn all their energy. The more energy they let out before the trip, the more relaxed they’ll be during the car or plane ride. You can bring your pup to the dog park the morning of the move.

If you need something less out of the way, then consider taking them on a longer walk than usual or more than one walk before leaving. Even running around in the backyard or playing a long game fetch can help them release some of that energy.

Get them nice and worn out for a calm trip.

Keep Them on Their Regular Routine

There’s no doubt that you’re going to be quite busy during the moving process. There’s lots to get done before everything’s ready to go. During this time, make sure you stick to your dog’s regular routine.

It’s not difficult to become so absorbed with all the moving-related tasks needing to get done that you forget to keep up with your pup’s schedule. If they wake up, eat, nap, and go for a walk at specific times each day, try to stick as close to that schedule as you can.

This will help keep your dog’s stress levels down.

Pack a Moving Bag With Essentials for Them

As everything begins to get piled into boxes and stored away on the moving vehicles, it can be hard to find certain items. During any type of move, it’s ideal to have an essentials bag or box for each person. The same is true for you dog.

Packing them a moving bag with all their essentials in it will make it easy for you to find their toys, food, blankets, bowls, and other important items when needed. Keep their essential bag with you at all times. Don’t allow it to get thrown into the pile of all your other personal belongings going on the moving vehicle.

Bring the bag with you and your pup for easy access.

Pay Them a Little Extra Attention

A big move can be a lot for your little one. It doesn’t hurt to pay them a little extra attention during the move. When you find some free time, dedicate it to your pup.

Spend a little extra time with them to ensure them they’re still a priority. All of those stressful emotions you’re feeling during the move, your pup feels as well. They can sense when their owners are feeling off, so keeping yourself calm and stress-free is also beneficial.

If you do feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, take a break and spend time with your pup. This type of quality time might even help ease your own anxiety and stress.

Practice Car Rides and Training

It could be a good idea to get them used to riding in the car or being in a crate if they’re not already used to doing so. Spend some time practicing taking car rides and hanging out in the crate. By the time you’re ready for the move, they’ll know exactly what to expect and won’t feel afraid or nervous.

If traveling with your pup in the car or plane with you isn’t an option, don’t panic. There are some other options. Some companies dedicate themselves to specifically transporting pets.

They’ll even help transport your large dog if needed. You can click here to learn more about transporting larger dogs.

Prepare All Their Paperwork

Don’t forget to transfer all your dog’s paperwork to their new veterinary office as well. If you haven’t already found a new vet for them, then now is the best time to do so. It’s also ideal to have your pup microchipped before moving.

If anything were to happen during the move and your pup were to get loose, then you can have some peace of mind knowing they’re microchipped. You should do some research about the area you’re moving to as well.

Are there any pet restrictions? Are there leash laws?

Know what all the rules are before you move so you can come prepared.

Do You Know How to Move With a Dog?

Knowing how to move with a dog is essential if you plan on bringing your pup in the car or plane with you. When you use all of the tips listed above, you can make the move less stressful for everyone, including your furry best friend.

The move itself might be overwhelming for the entire family, but it doesn’t have to be for your dog and when it’s more calming for your dog it’s more calming for the entire family.

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