Best Dog Harnesses for Every Type of Dog


Dog harnesses are a complete game changer when it comes to upgrading the quality time that you and your dog spend out and about! Whether you’re hitting your local dog park, pounding the neighbourhood pavements, going out for summer beach day or packing the car and heading out for a long, exciting stretched out adventure, a harness is going to upgrade your quality time with your mound of fur. If you’ve never used a harness before, you might have a couple of questions before you’re ready to take the dive, buckle up and get exploring. Here’s everything you need to know about finding the best harness for any type of dog that you have in your fur family…

How to find the right harness

Before you get to selecting, you need to know the basics about actually finding the right harness for you and your dog, they are going to be wearing it for a considerable amount of time each and every day, after all! Here’s what you need to look out for when you start sniffing around for the right harness…


First things first, the fit. Fit is king, your dog needs to be completely comfortable whilst you’re out and about – not ifs, ands or buts! In order to make sure that your dog is as happy, healthy and comfortable as possible whilst you’re out exploring, you need to prioritise finding a cosy yet kind fit that slides on and stays. The key to finding the perfect fit for your perfect pup is making measurements before you even start thinking about shopping. Measure across your dog’s chest and wrap your measuring tape around the circumference to get the right girth. Next, measure them from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. Keep these numbers with you when you’re shopping and compare against product measurements to be totally confident that the harness you choose fits them correctly. Give it a try the second it hits your doorstep to be absolutely sure.

Dog Harnesses

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Next, the fabrics that go into making your dog’s harness also make a huge impact on the fit, feel, look and overall function of your choice, so pay attention here fur parents! Look for silky smooth and soft polyester that is going to wipe clean easily, feel cosy on your dog’s skin and fur and stand the test of time for countless amazing walks and adventures to come. You need to look for quality, cutting corners here just isn’t worth it in the long run as it compromises on comfort and general operation – a harness that doesn’t help with pull or keeping your dog safe is no use to any dog owner, is it? Look for the right materials and your harness will stick with you and your dog through thick and thin, no matter how ruff-n-tumble your cutie gets with their enthusiastic pulling out at the dog park.

Extra features

There are a few extra features and functions that you need to keep an eye out for when you’re looking for that perfect harness. These include shining metal hardware that isn’t going to fold under pressure, pulling, scratches, moisture, mud or sand. You also need to watch out for a firm buckle closer with extra safety measures to make sure that your dog isn’t going to pull free when they’re feeling majorly playful or exciting when you guys are out on your big adventures. These extra features are essential and cannot be looked over when you’re hunting for harnesses, so stay alert when you’re shopping, humans!


Lastly, style. This one is on the funner side of the shopping spectrum, but after you’ve done all that handwork hunting out the more serious stuff, you deserve to turn your attention towards the more playful side of pup accessories! There’s a print and pattern out there for every dog’s personality! The key to finding the right one for the two of you is looking for a style that amps up your dog’s unique character. If they’re bold and ready for anything, look for a fun, bold and bright print. Maybe they’re all about the finer things in life? Delicate floral patterns and pastel colours will work best. Watch out for styles that feel just right for your dog and you won’t go wrong.

Are you ready to find the perfect harness for you and your dog? Make your measurements, read the fine print and have a think about the things that make your dog the pup that you love more than anything to find a harness that fits them just right. While you’re at it, why not think about upgrading the rest of your collection and treat your dog to a matching harness, collar and lead to really up those magical moments that you and your dog spend in the great outdoors.

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