7 Advantages of Top-Entry Cat Litter Box


Cat parents of owners understand the significance of having a top entry cat litter box in their houses. If you are among this population, then you know that cats prefer having their litter boxes placed at a clear, slightly high, and convenient place. Using this item will ensure that your home remains clean and comfortable for your pet. A topside opening is one of the best litter boxes. Below are the benefits of using the top litter box.

1.   It Eliminates the Bad Smell

Bad smells can make your home quite uncomfortable. However, the top entry litter box usually keeps the foul odor away. The top entry box might be uncovered, but the entrance will still allow air to flow out of the box. The litter boxes hold the cat poop to prevent it from scattering all around the house.

You can also put extra litter in this box where the cat cannot remove or spread it. If you have a deep litter box, you will benefit more because there will be more space to bury the smelly stuff. Adding baking soda is another way of ensuring that the litter does not smell since it is a safe and natural cleansing product that cannot harm the cat.

2.   Keeps Dogs Away from the Litter

Some dog owners might not understand that their pets enjoy eating cat poop. A lack of adequate vitamins in the body can cause the habit. However, it can make the dog vulnerable to bacterial infection or cause them to develop intestinal worms. The good thing about the top entry litter box is that it can help you keep the dog away from the poop.

You can try proofing the dog from the litter box with a baby gate or latch. Therefore, top entry litter boxes are ideal for pet lovers who want to prevent their dogs from eating cat poops.

3.   The Litter Box can be an excellent Toy for the Cat

In the case of litter boxes, cats have valid preferences. Older cats and kittens like a front entry box because they can easily get in. However, cats with great personalities can enjoy pooping in an open area. Most cats prefer a top entry box since it is easy and fun to access and provides an easy hiding place when the cat is playing or excreting.

4.   Prevents Tracking of litter

Most people complain about litter tracking. Small pieces of litter can stick to the cat’s fur. It is easy for these pets to drag the dirt into the house. For example, you can get dirty pebbles on your bed or in your shoes, and this scenario can be disappointing. The top litter box holds small grains under the box.

5.   It looks better than an Open Box

The modern cat litter box can be safe, clean, and easy to use. Pet lovers like litter boxes that look good in the house. The founder of the top entry box wanted a new litter box since he had two cats. He later introduced it to those people who owned cats, and they loved it.

6.   It is easy to move

Pet lovers should move the litter box only when it is necessary. For example, If you have a party in your house, you can move the box to a separate bedroom where the cat will relax. However, you should avoid moving the modern cat litter box on a regular day. Moving this item leaves the cat comfortable and not shocked or traumatized.

7.   The litter box holds the litter tightly

Some cats can dig up litter as if they are trying to find a buried treasure. In such a scenario, they throw tiny crystals in the home compound and mess it up. However, covering the litter can with a box ensures that the trash is hidden. Most people prefer high-quality top entry litter boxes because they have strong lids, unlike the front box, which gives the cat a chance to kick the door and move the dirt.


Top entry boxes are a place where cats relieve themselves privately. They should be safe and secure for the pet. The litter box with a top entry offers multiple benefits, which include maintaining a clean and smell-free house. It prevents the poop or litter from spilling all over the place. You should consider purchasing this item if you have a cat pet.

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