When you decide to buy or adopt a dog, one of the first few things that you should add to your shopping list is a dog collar. Some individuals might think, “I prefer my Fido to not be wearing a dog collar at all.” However, consider it some thought first as it may prevent your pet pooch from suddenly getting abducted by the dog pound because authorities might think it’s a stray.

There are many reasons why you should give your dog a collar. The good thing about many modern collars for dogs is that they come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Therefore, if you think that brown or black are the only color options out there, then think again. Read on to know some of the top reasons on why you should let your dog wear a collar today.

It Provides Identification

When your dog dons a collar, it allows other people to know who they are and that you’re the pet’s owner. Collars will offer a safe place where you can place a dog tag that’ll carry all important information about the pooch and its owner. Also, the dog collar is your pet’s fastest ticket back home should Fido suddenly wanders off because of its curiosity. Many dogs are very curious, and they can give chase to cars, cats, small animals, and even wonder where the light is coming from, and suddenly they’re miles away from home.

Are Pets Getting Lost Really a Problem?

If you think that pets getting lost aren’t a problem, then you’d better think again. The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) reports that there are about less than 2% of lost cats that get returned to their owners. Also, the report suggests that about 15% to 20% of lost dogs do make it back in one piece to their human families. Just because your pet dog lives inside your house it doesn’t guarantee that they won’t wander off into the wilderness. Sometimes natural calamities will even cause some pets to get lost because of all the confusion. If they have a dog collar, then it would be easy for other people to identify the owner of the lost animal and return the K9 back to its real family.

But My Dog Doesn’t Like to Wear a Collar?

Many new furry four-legged family members will try to remove their collars because they’ve been introduced to it in a hasty manner. It’s vital for you as a pet owner to introduce the collar in a gradual way, and this goes for anything new that you plan on introducing to your pet dog. You can start by tinkling the tags or jingling the bells (if it has any), and if your dog seems to like it has calmed down while looking at the device, then you can assure your pet that nothing’s going to go wrong and safely place the collar over its head.

But He Might Choke!

Some dog collars are meant for small dogs, and there are variants that are best-suited for medium or large-sized pooches. It’s important that you get the best-fitting dog collar on the market for your pooch so they won’t choke or gag.

There are even other additional options on how to safeguard your pet from different devastating scenarios. Not only should you try placing a collar on your pet dog, you should also secure their whereabouts by microchipping them reviews.

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