What Type of Family Protection Dog Suits Your Family’s Needs?


Are you considering getting a family protection dog? In the UK, family protection dogs are quite a new idea. In the UK, family dogs have long been favored. Retrievers and other gun dogs like Labradors make excellent family dogs.

Protection dogs are an entirely different matter. It is difficult to determine which dog is the best for family protection unless you have experience or are ready to receive the right advice.

We’ll look at some breeds you might want to think about on this page, along with a few things you should keep in mind.

Beyond a Protection Dog

Do you wish your dog to serve a purpose other than just as a protection dog? In that situation, you unquestionably need guidance from a knowledgeable breeder or trainer. Not all dogs make good family pets. Make a list of the qualities you want from the dog you intend to bring into your home before contacting a breeder or trainer. Before choosing the breed that is best for you, take into account the following:

Do I wish the dog to just be my kids’ friend? How long must I spend exercising the dog? Can I bring my dog on vacation? What kind of energy would the dog possess? Is it in need of specialized nutrition and living protection? How can I safeguard my dog?

The idea of protecting your dog may seem strange. However, it is incredibly relative in terms of family protection dogs. The majority of these dogs excel at providing protection. Breeds that have been chosen for protection are frequently athletic as well.

A Secure Atmosphere for Your Dog to Live

Always there keep you protected is your dog. While at the same time, it is your duty to ensure that your dog’s safety. Most of the more athletic types of dogs are out of the question if your garden only has a low wall. Keeping dogs under specific circumstances is frequently necessary for protection. Keep in mind that your protection dog will be trained to watch out for you.

This indicates that your dog may have received attack and bite training. Your dog frequently perceives anyone entering or passing by your home as a target. An active protection dog is more inclined to try to scale a wall in order to perform its duties effectively.

Working Out Your Dog

You must give your dog exercise. The majority of dogs bred for protection are highly intelligent. They quickly become bored if they are not entertained through play, mental challenges, and physical activity.

A protection dog will look to you for more than just leadership. Yes, you need to be able to give the dog orders. It’s crucial that you develop a close relationship and connection with your dog at the same time. Play and exercise are popular ways to achieve this.

Numerous breeds of dogs used as family protectors do require a lot of physical protection. In order to keep your furry protection friend content in a home living environment, it is up to you and your household to provide physical activity and stimulation.

Consider getting a German Shepherd if you prefer a dog that is calmer inside your home. Even though they enjoy exercise, they are less “chilled” and aggressive than other protection dogs.

Are my kids allowed to play with the dog?

Many protection dogs enjoy building relationships with kids. In actuality, they frequently guard and protect kids and teenagers more so than they do adults.

The only issue is that when your kids get home from school, protection dogs aren’t the best playmates. When it comes to protection, the Belgian Malinois breed is quickly rising to popularity. Although they are a very intelligent breed, they can be sarcastic.

Since they were bred specifically to herd, they frequently nip when defending a person. They carry out this protection to safeguard the herd, not to harm it. Belgian Malinois are not known to have dog children, but they are not always the best family dogs for protection.

Additionally, Belgian Malinois require a lot of ongoing exercise and protection. This is not the best dog for a young family unless you have several hours day after day available for play, exercise, and mental stimulation.

Breeds of Mastiff

Mastiff breeds are suitable family protection dogs in UK but also in Africa. Mastiffs are a good breed to consider for family protection dogs if trained and raised properly. They need a little less exercise than other breeds.

They frequently get along well with other animals, which may be something you need to take into account. The only issue is that they can do a lot of harm when they do bite.

However, they are frequently incredibly affectionate and loving with the family.

Are German Shepherds good protection dogs?

Rob from TotalK9, one of the leading UK protection dog training experts says that German Shepherds protection dogs are the best breed for training them into guard dogs.

How About Doberman Pinschers?

The Dobermann dog is referred to as a Doberman Pinscher in the US. Dobermanns have grown surprisingly popular as family protection dogs over the years.

They excel at performing protection duties. They are also entertaining for kids to play with because of their slightly silly personalities.

When used as a family protection dog, are they dangerous? There is no question that this breed takes its responsibilities for protection very seriously. They are entertaining and frequently very playful at the same time.

Dobermanns can cause significant harm. There are very few complaints about Dobermanns residing in families in the UK. They frequently develop solid relationships and connections with family members and enjoy taking care of them. When properly trained, Dobermanns are extremely obedient, but they also enjoy being active, sociable family members. Families frequently enjoy having a well-trained Dobermann as a pet.

Final Reflections

It is difficult to determine which dog is best for family and home protection, so it never hurts to seek advice from seasoned family protection dog trainers like those found at https://www.totalk9.co.uk/. Never attempt to train a protection dog on your own. The best place to get your family an protection dog is from a professional breeder and trainer.

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