What is a sugar glider? No, it’s not a type of candy, rather, it’s a type of exotic pet. If you love sweet things and cute, furry creatures, then a sugar glider is a perfect combination of both!

We’re not exaggerating when we say that these animals are disgustingly cute. Remember the Baby Yoda craze last year? Well, these little guys can give Baby Yoda a run for his money.

Sugar gliders are pocket pets that are native to Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. They are classified as exotic animals in the US and are actually banned in some states, such as California and Pennsylvania. If it’s legal to own in your state, you should check them out.

Here are some quick facts about sugar gliders.

What is a Sugar Glider?

If you google images of a sugar glider, you might think that they’re some kind of rodent. Actually, they’re marsupials, belonging to the same general family as kangaroos and koalas. Like kangaroos, they carry their babies (also called “Joeys”) in pouches.

Their adult size is about five to seven inches in length. Their small bodies are covered in gray fur with black markings. They have big, round eyes similar to another nocturnal animal, the tarsier.

A pair of membranous skin extends from its forelegs to hind legs on each side. This membrane gives them the ability to glide from tree to tree. That’s where the “glider” in the name comes from.

What about the “sugar” part? This comes from their preference for sugary foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Okay, They’re Cute, but What Makes Them Good Pets?

First, although they look like rodents, they don’t actually behave like one. They’re not driven by the instinct to constantly chew on things, unlike mice or hamsters. They also like to keep themselves clean and never require a bath.

Sugar gliders are also more active and playful than your typical pocket pet, such as a tarantula or iguana. Their antics can be very entertaining, especially if given the space to glide or climb. They’re curious, intelligent animals who love to play with people.

Their ability to bond with their human owners is what makes them excellent pets. When they take a liking to a human family, the bond is often permanent and unbreakable. Once you’ve established a friendship, you can take them anywhere uncaged without worrying about them running away.

They’re also generally sturdy and can live for up to fourteen years.

Why Aren’t They Beginner-Friendly?

These aren’t pets that you can ask a little kid to take care of. For one, their bodies are delicate and they can injure themselves from falling or from hard play. They also need to adhere to a somewhat strict diet with a healthy balance of produce and protein or risk some serious health issues.

Housing can also be complicated. Experts recommend that they start in a small cage while they’re young, but you have to transfer them to a bigger cage once they get older.

They’re used to living in colonies and they need the companionship of their own kind. Adopting a single sugar glider isn’t advisable since they can get depressed if alone.

Ready for Some Sugar?

What is a sugar glider? All things considered, they can be the perfect pet for the right owner. Their sweetness is sure to capture your heart!

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