What Are The Best Dog Shampoo Brands In 2022?


Did you know that dogs with medium or large fur coats should get bathed about every 5 weeks?

According to vets, this is necessary to help prevent shedding and medical conditions.

If you want to keep your dog clean and comfortable, you need to get the best shampoo so that they are happy.

Continue reading to discover some of the best dog shampoo brands that Fido will enjoy soaking in!


If you are looking for safe dog shampoo, you should purchase one from the Earthbath brand.

Earthbath uses oatmeal and aloe in their shampoos, which nourishes and replenishes your dog’s skin. They also use vanilla and almond extract to leave a pleasant scent on Fido after he gets dry. This is a safe and natural shampoo brand that many veterinarians recommend.

The best part about this formula is that it is safe to use on human hair since there are safe and minimal ingredients!

Pride & Groom

Whether your dog sheds or doesn’t, Pride & Groom is a wonderful shampoo company to consider for your pet.

This brand specializes in gentle shampoo that can get rid of daily dirt and grime, especially around the paws. Many people support using this brand since their quality expectations are the same for human use.

These shampoos blend avocado oil for moisture and marshmallow root to kill bacteria. This is a great choice to consider if you want formulas that are gentle and prevent infections.

Burt’s Bee

If you are looking for affordable and vet recommended dog shampoo, you should head to the Burt’s Bees section.

Burt’s Bees has created a shampoo line that will keep your dogs smelling fresh, even if they were just rolling around in the mud. The ingredients are safe, which should limit any allergic reactions. When you wash your dog, always check their skin for any irritation or reactions.

This brand doesn’t cost much and the product goes a long way. Your dog’s skin will improve by reducing irritation and nourishing the follicles.


Searching for dog shampoo for odor can be frustrating, especially since many of the scents aren’t powerful enough.

4Legger has created a shampoo for dogs with powerful and pleasant scents that will make you want to cuddle them all night long. They use aloe vera, lemongrass, and coconut oil as their main ingredients.

This brand is organic and recommended for dogs with dry and flaky skin.

Which Dog Shampoo Will You Try Next?

Depending on your dog’s coat, it can be difficult to find the best dog shampoo for their needs.

Much like human hair, dogs hair and fur have a variety of textures that require different ingredients to tame them. If possible, try getting sample sizes of these shampoos to see which one is the most effective for your dog.

Don’t forget to monitor your dog’s skin for reactions after using them. This will help you identify the ingredients that bother their skin.

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