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For many individuals, what we eat is extremely important and we are always looking for ways to improve our diet. But what about when it comes to our canine companions? While we are keen and often encouraged to eat as clean as possible, including organic produce and avoiding additives or chemicals, we don’t often give as much thought to our beloved animals. If you want to ensure that you are giving your dogs the very best diet possible then let’s talk about species specific feeding – namely raw dog food!

What Does A Natural Raw Dog Food Diet Consist Of?

When we say ‘natural raw dog food diet’ we mean a diet that contains none of the following:

  • NOTHING processed
  • NO fillers
  • NO poor meat derivatives
  • NO hidden ingredients
  • NO additives
  • NOTHING artificial

One of the key principles of a raw dog food diet is that it is the nourishment that nature intended dogs to eat. The diet they would self select to eat in the wild. Our canine friends have become domesticated over the years but their anatomical makeup and digestive system remains unchanged from that of their ancestors. Dogs are designed to eat the food that they hunt and this should be reflected in their diet. Their teeth and digestive system are perfectly built to chew and process raw meat. In the wild, dogs catch and kill prey, usually small animals that eat a plant based diet. Dogs will eat the muscle meat, organs and bone and even the stomach contents (which usually contain plant matter). Nothing is cooked of course and nothing is processed.

So What Are The Benefits?

A natural raw diet for dogs is fantastic for behaviour, health and happiness. Often a more stable temperament and energy is noted within a few days if not weeks. To see these benefits, it is highly important to remove refined, carbohydrate based fillers, poor quality protein that is intensively processed, as well as chemicals, additives and other synthetic nasties that are

commonly found in dry or canned dog food. A natural raw diet can help prevent disease too being fresh, biologically appropriate food rich with nutrients and antioxidants – a vital benefit when you want your dog to move from surviving to thriving. They say; ‘you are what you eat’ and this applies to a dog too! Some of the key benefits of a raw dog food diet are as follows:

  • Improving digestion is one of the big reasons that owners decide to switch to a raw dog food diet. Natural nutrition achieves a clean healthy gut and the pH levels of a dog’s stomach are designed to easily break down meat and bone that is present in a raw diet.
  • Clean ingredients that are present in a raw dog food diet will transform dull and lacklustre coats to glossy, shiny and healthy ones. Skin can also show noticeable signs of improvement especially with dogs that suffer skin irritation and sensitivities.
  • Species appropriate feeding is great for general health and well-being and this leads to greater vitality. This can also be clearly noted in older dogs. Energy is more consistent and increased concentration can be achieved through improved cognitive function.
  • A natural raw dog food diet boosts the immune system due to feeding natural ingredients that are rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • Weight is easily controllable on a raw diet as unwanted weight gain and bloating are side effects of a kibble / canned food diet.
  • Due to significantly reduced waste – stools are smaller and firmer which means less cleaning up after your canine companion and improves gas and anal gland function.
  • The natural properties of a raw dog food diet cleans up a dogs system inside and out helping lead to less inflammation in the body. Therefore irritations such as allergies, itching, flaking skin and stomach / digestive issues are all greatly reduced.


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