Restructuring Your Indoor Lifestyle with a Healthy Schedule for Your Pet


Life in the quarantine may seem monotonous. However, there’s still the everyday struggle of wanting to do something and not having the energy to do it. With houses being the place for rest pre-pandemic, it’s challenging to be productive and fight against the tempting lethargy when spending time at home.

At the beginning of the pandemic, most people treated themselves to enjoying not having to go to work, basking in comfort akin to a staycation. But now that the world is more than one year into the pandemic, it’s understandable how the endless lockdowns can feel stuffy and highly restricting.

People have it worst, with the drastic shift from having the freedom to go out to strict home isolation. But pets also aren’t in the best place. Their situation may be more favorable given that they can spend more time with their beloved humans. However, some of the things that used to be part of their daily lives have temporarily ceased.

Reclaiming some normalcy from your pre-pandemic lifestyle is difficult, considering that the world has changed. Still, you can give shape to your indoor lifestyle and restructure your days with the help of your pet. To start, you can begin with the suggestions below.  

Set Regular Time for Meals

The first step to giving structure to your life is by having your meals at the proper time. It can be difficult to eat at regular hours, especially if you’re used to starting your day late. But you can do this by focusing on your pet’s needs. By setting a regular period for feeding, you can train your pet to be familiar with their mealtimes. Doing so can help eliminate pickiness while giving yourself something to do.

Schedule Playtime

Being active is essential when you and your pet stay at home most of the time. Although you can’t indulge in outdoor activities, you can still lead an active lifestyle by playing with your furry companion around your house. You can absorb essential vitamin D and breathe fresh air by playing catch in the garden during the early mornings. By scheduling playtime in the mornings, you push yourself to start your day early. This lets you accomplish more tasks throughout the day.

Go on Walks

Despite safety restrictions, you can still go out as long as you follow health protocols. Though it’s safer to play with your pet in your garden, they can feel cooped up after weeks of staying at home. Scheduling walks and getting them used to a route gives them something to look forward to.

Treat Them to Pamper Days

Like you, your furry friend also needs to take a breather. By occasionally spoiling them with their favorite treats or letting them experience pamper days, you can help alleviate stress accumulated during these times. You can do so by giving them relaxing baths or going for a trip to the groomers.

Arrange Playdates

The purpose of modifying your and your pet’s indoor lifestyle is to give structure to your quarantine life. By creating a schedule for your pet, you give yourself something to focus on. There’s no doubt that your pet likes spending time with you. But they also need to mingle with their furry friends. To ensure they remain connected with their buddies, you can set play dates in the park or home. Let them have a jolly time with their animal friends.

Spend Time in Nature

These days, it’s a blessing if you can spend some time in your neighborhood since this is the closest to nature you can get. You can breathe in the fresh air and bask in the sun in your backyard. But if you have the time, it’s best to go to places where you and your pet can bask in nature. You can explore trails or go on a day trip to the beach so that you can relieve cabin fever.

Plan a Daily Activity

Activities are essential in your pet’s life, it keeps them active and saves them from boredom. Despite doing the activities mentioned above, you can learn something new with your pet if you have free days. For instance, you can enroll in dog training sessions and give your fur buddy lessons and canine obedience training. By giving them lessons at home, you can become an expert trainer and help your pet learn some tricks and skills. 

Reclaiming some normalcy from your pre-COVID-19 life is difficult, but living a healthy lifestyle is a must for responsible fur parents. You have the responsibility of keeping your pet in tip-top shape. You can also help yourself lead a healthy lifestyle by moving around and giving your fur buddy fun activities.

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