Think back to March, back to the Tiger King days of Covid. Things were scary then, but looking back, they somehow seem more doable than things now – right? That’s because your adrenaline was surging. After six months of a pandemic, though, our stores of the do-anything hormone, adrenaline, are exahusted and our mental health is suffering.

And with no current end in sight, except for a potential vaccine, most of us are feeling pretty helpless. It won’t fix everything – but research says getting a dog could help. Not only will taking care of another creature help you to take care of yourself better, but it could better your mental health as well.

Want to know more? We’re going more in depth into the research and giving you dog adoption tips, below.

Dogs and Mental Health: Pups Make Things Less Ruff

The loving feeling you get when you see a very good boy or see a picture of a cute puppy isn’t just your imagination – dogs have been shown to improve mental health, emotional stability, and even physical health.

According to Harvard Medical School, a dog’s sense of simplicity and fun-loving nature helps humans be more mindful. Research shows that when dog owners see their dog being in the moment, like getting excited about going on a walk or laying in a patch of sunlight, it reminds their humans to appreciate little moments of joy and peace more. And who couldn’t use a second or two of peace in a global pandemic?

Another way dogs help humans? By needing to be taken care of. Unfortnately, depression is also a pandemic in these times and often it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Eating regularly and getting fresh air are two things dogs need to survive – and it turns out that providing those things for our pets helps us remember that we humans need them too.

Of course if you’re truly worried that you couldn’t take care of a dog right now, maybe start with something lower maintenance, like a fish.

Dog Adoption Tips: How to Find the Goodest Boi

Did you know most local shelters have email lists you can sign up for? They send out alerts for different tpes of dogs and feature which dogs are up for adoption every week. (Tip #1) If there’s a specific breed you’re looking for, bur don’t want to buy from a breeder, this is a great way to find the breed you want.

Tip #2: Keep the Size of Your Space in Mind

Some dogs don’t do well in apartments, while others are happy in small spaces as long as they get two walks a day. If there’s a pup you’re interested in, google their breed and read if they’re good apartment dwellers or not.

Tip #3: Consider an Older Dog

Not only are the adoption fees for an older dog usuall cheaper, but older dogs stay in shelters for a lot longer than younger ones. They may not be able to jump as high or run as fast as a puppy, but they’re also already (or at least better) trained. Consider older age pups when getting a dog during pandemic – you won’t regret it.

Your Four Legged Friend

We hope you enjoyed this guide on why now is the perfect time to get a dog and found our dog adoption tips helpful. We know there’s the perfect four legged best friend our there for you – it just may take a little patience to find them.

If you have any questions, browse our archives for answers. Have a question you don’t see answered? Send us an email and we’ll add the subject to our to-blog list!

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