Matt Davies Harmony Communities Shares Gift Ideas for Traveling Dogs and Cats



You want to include your pets in the holiday gatherings. Of course, nothing makes traveling pets happier than going on holiday with you! According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, new pet travel equipment, along with an assurance to hit the trail soon, is the gift that all cats and dogs hope to see.

However, selecting the proper equipment can be difficult. Finding the special things to make your trips more enjoyable necessitates some imagination and some research. Luckily, we have experience and are here to assist. Today we’re going to share some gift ideas for traveling dogs and cats.

Fantastic Gift Ideas for Those Who Often Travel with Pets

Many individuals would never consider taking a road trip or camping trip without their furry family members. The following are five pet travel items that would make excellent gifts for pet parents.

1. Pet Harness – Every traveler will be safe with a pet safety harness. Even animals who have been trained to remain in the back seat must wear a safety harness. During a crash, a cherished pet could become a fatal projectile geared at the heads of other riders. In the event of a car accident, a pet harness will help safeguard all occupants.

Another reason a harness is an excellent pet travel gear is that dogs and cats must never be latched into a car via their collar. Even a minor collision could lead to a broken neck. Conversely, owners must always use a harness.

2. Portable Vacuum Cleaner – This will collect pet hair and debris. Most dogs and cats shed, particularly in the summer. When you combine fur with twigs, dirt, grass, and leaves tracked into the vehicle on the coats and paws of pets, you have a lot of debris. As a result, a portable vacuum cleaner is an excellent gift. A good car vacuum can help prevent the accumulation of furballs and other pet messes.

3. Seat Protectors – This keeps the car upholstery clean and free of damage. Owners can reduce the amount of mess their pets bring into the car by utilizing pet seat protectors. These pet travel gears are especially useful for owners who take their pets for outdoor activities, swimming, or for walks after a rainstorm. Seat covers retain the chaos of the upholstery, protect it from claw stains, and are simple to remove and clean.

4. Cargo Liner – Dogs can travel in the back of a car or SUV securely and comfortably. Consider getting a cargo liner for the animal enthusiast in your life. These pet travel gears, like seat protectors, are simple to insert, safeguard the vehicle, and make cleaning a breeze.

5. Air Freshener – An air freshener is a low-cost pet travel gear. A pet air freshener helps to keep cars smelling fresh rather than like the inside of a kennel. But don’t just go out and buy any old air freshener. According to vets, standard air fresheners involve toxic volatile organic compounds that produce that pleasant odor. If you can’t locate pet-safe air fresheners, try a few air-purifying bags stuffed with pet-safe, environmentally friendly charcoal.


Traveling with your pet can be more enjoyable than ever with the right pet travel accessories. Hopefully, Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggestion will be useful to you.

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