For a pet owner, the pain of losing a pet is beyond imagination and at times, very traumatic. When a pet strays or runs from home, we instantaneously panic and break down. The whole experience is overwhelming to handle for the pet as well as the family. But in times like this, it is in the best interest of both the pet and the owner to stay calm and make an action plan to get the pet back.

Animal hospital Virginia Beach often conducts awareness camps to prepare pet owners for such an event.

If you happen to lose your dog on a busy road, or your cat strays outside in the night, these steps will help you find them back.

Always update your pet’s Identification

When planning to have a pet, it is essential to prepare for the worse. Make sure your pet can be identified easily in case he is lost. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with all the necessary details like your address, phone number, and name. Getting your pet micro chipped is one of the best solutions to ensure your pet returns safely to you when lost. A microchip is a small device embedded underneath the skin of a pet. VA Beach vet hospital veterinarians, animal shelters, and police can scan the chip and track your address. Since a chip cannot fall out of the pet’s body like a collar, it is much effective in getting them returned home when lost.

But simple them chipped or tagged is not enough. It is essential to update your pet’s identification each time you move your place or change your number.

Call Shelters, Animal Control, Veterinary Offices, and Authorities

The first step to take after your pet wanders away reaches out for help from the authorities and get spread the news. Do not spare even a moment’s time as each minute is crucial for the safe recovery of the pet. Get in touch with all the animal shelters, animal control, and veterinary clinics around your area. File a missing report with every shelter that is in your vicinity. Provide them your pet’s photo for identification. Try to visit the shelters on your own and look at all the animals thoroughly.

If you suspect that your pet has been stolen, file a police complaint and follow up regularly.

Search the Neighborhood

When looking for your lost pet, spare no inch of your neighborhood unchecked. Walk through your surrounding area and call out your pet’s name in case your pet has returned on his own. Ask the mailman, delivery boy, and neighbors if they have seen your pet. Make flyers with your pet photo, identification marks, and phone number and distribute them in your locality.

Stay Strong   

There is no denying the fact that it is unbearable to have your beloved pet lost or strayed away. For a lost pet, life in the streets can get tough and traumatic. As a responsible pet owner, we would never want our pet to suffer at any cost. For this, it is essential that we do not lose our calm and stay positive.

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