Exam periods are quite stressful for students, whether they prepared or not. A lot of students can hardly deal with the anxiety that comes with the anticipation if they don’t have something to help them cope.

For many, a pet goes a long way in ensuring they stay sane enough to sit through the exam paper. We all know that pets are perfect human companies, but many did not realize that they can help you manage stress.

Whether you’re a dog person or not, this furry animal can help you stay in control of your emotions. Therapy dogs have been trained to help people overcome their anxiety. Imagine how much more amazing your college life would be if you didn’t have to go through anxious moments alone?

Since college life is almost as stressful as adult life, you can still use therapy dogs even after you graduate. Students require resources that make college life manageable. After all, college should not be about wondering, “Who’ll write my essay?” All the time. You need to strike the perfect balance between your personal life and your academic life.

Here is why you need a therapy dog by your side during exam periods.

Genuine Affecting help Students Manage Anxiety

A simple cuddle session with a therapy dog will give a stressed-out student the reassurance they need. So much emphasis has been put on grades, and the thought of failure freaks out students. However, all a college student needs is to believe they did their very best.

Stressing before an exam is quite unhealthy because you’re likely to forget what you had mastered. Therapy dogs will keep students calm just before the exams, so they have the mental strength to tackle the task ahead.

Hugging and cuddling with pets give students the affection they cannot get from each other because everyone is too anxious to care about the next person. Science shows that animals can sense when a human is tense, and they’ll act accordingly to help you cope with the situation. Genuine affection allows students to forget about their worries and simply wait for the paper

Pets’ Happy Mood is Contagious

As you know, dogs are quite energetic animals, and their joy is contagious. Spending a few minutes with a happy dog will have you feeling happy as well. Your mood will determine if you’re in a position to manage your stress or not. The fact that you’re worried about something does not mean you cannot be happy. After all, worry is a useless emotion that helps you change nothing. Instead of spending your time scratching your head, why not spend time with your pet?

When you sit with a pet a few hours before an exam, you’ll have an easy time forgetting about your worries.

Dogs help Students Feel More Socially Active

Just before you sit for an exam, it’s good to go over your notes with your friends. However, this cannot be possible if you’re crippled by anxiety. How about you bring along a therapy do to help you feel more socially active.

Dogs will help you interact with other students because they don’t choose who to play with. In no time, you’ll find yourself going through the notes without a struggle


Pets help students stay sane as they wait to sit for their exams. Make sure you get a therapy dog to help you be more socially active when exams are around the corner. Be sure to study for your exams to reduce your levels of anxiety.

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