Home Alone: 4 Tips For Making Your Dog Comfortable Being Left At Home


As much as we would like to, we simply can’t take our dogs everywhere with us. There are some places dogs just don’t understand, and their presence could be a nuisance or even downright dangerous.

The hairdressers, the supermarket and the cinemas are typically no place for a dog: they could be a hazard to themselves let alone poop all over the proprietor’s floor!

And so comes the dreaded time when you have to leave your poor dog at home. Dogs typically hate being left at home alone: we’re all aware of those heartbreaking moments when a doggo owner arrives home only to hear their pooch howling for what was presumably the whole time they were out!

It’s one of the more unfortunate aspects of owning a dog: they are very family-driven and this can lead to a great sense of attachment.

But, there are certain things you can do to keep them calm, happy and healthy when you are out for the day.

You already get them great food and got insurance from the best pet insurance compare site – here are some tips for relaxing them when you can’t be there by their side:

1. Make the space one that your dog will love

It is likely your dog’s go-to emotion when you head out will be anxiety, thus the most important thing is to create a safe, calming space that your dog can relax in when you can’t be home.

This means all the classics: a comfy dog bed, some old blankets that they can burrow under when they are feeling scared, their favourite toys or some old socks, as well as leaving the TV on or playing some calming music as this can really help with your dog’s anxiety.

2. Walk your dog before heading out yourself

The best antidote to your dog’s feeling of anxiety is a feeling of relaxation, right? Of course! Therefore, one of your best options in your repertoire is to tucker them out before heading out yourself.

By taking your dog for a long walk, or by taking them to the park for a good run around and play with other dogs, they are likely to be quite calm and knackered by the time you get home, ensuring that when the time comes that you have to head out they will be a little more on the chilled side…

3. Don’t make a thing of taking off

When you get all dramatic about leaving your dog behind it’s almost as if they assume you are leaving them for good! With this in mind, try not to dote over your doggo too much when heading off, instead offering a more casual goodbye so that the occasion doesn’t seem so grand.

4. … or a thing of coming back

This works just as well when returning home as it does heading out in the first place. You should always greet your pet in a calm, friendly manner, ensuring they have calmed down before you greet them. You can even try a command like “sit” and “stay” before providing them with a comforting treat.

This will also work towards taking the stress out of the whole you leaving the house situation – it shouldn’t be treated as a big deal on either end of the excursion, and doing so will help calm your dog’s nerves that can occur every time you have to go out without them.

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