You’ve decided to open your home and welcome a fluffy new companion into your life. Congratulations on your new puppy!

Bringing home your four-legged friend is an exciting and downright adorable time. From those sweet puppy cuddles to the cute way they zoom around, there’s no doubt that you’ll be in love with them before the day is done.

The excitement builds as you set off to pick up your fluffy friend and you start to wonder: Have I got everything I need for their first night home?

Have no fear, we’ve got your puppy’s first-night checklist right here. Follow along to learn everything you’ll need to make your new pup feel right at home.

Preparing Your Home

Before your new family member’s first night home, you’ll want to be sure your house has been puppy proofed. Puppies are curious little creatures and before they are trained, they have no idea what is and isn’t theirs to chew.

Do a pass of your home and identify anything that may be dangerous or that you simply don’t want them to get into. Things like cables running across the floor could cause a horrible accident if chewed into.

Decide where you will place their bowls, bed, and crate if you would like to use one. Once you have placed these items, keep them where they are so your puppy can get comfortable with where to find them. This will give them a sense of security and a safe place to call their own.

Gather Your Supplies

As your puppy grows, your stockpile of toys and treats will expand as well. Don’t panic about having every single item for the first day. Coming home is an overstimulating experience in itself. Keep their items simple and consistent for training and comfort.


A crate serves as a safe haven for your new friend. Crate training will give them a place to provide security, sleep, or spend time when you are away from home.

Make sure to pick a crate that is large enough for them to stand up and turn around in.

Collar and Leash

Perhaps one of the most important elements for your new pup. Pick them up a collar for their license tags so that you can ensure they won’t get lost.

You’ll want to familiarize them with leash training as quickly as possible as this will help you assert dominance and guide them through other training processes. Of course, the other benefit of this is the exciting task of walking a puppy.

Bowls, Food, and Treats

Pick your pup out some bowls for food and water upon arrival. They will need frequent feedings with high-quality puppy food to grow healthy and strong.

It’s also a great idea to have some training treats on hand so you can start rewarding good puppy behavior straight away and encourage their desire to learn.

Bed and Toys

They’ll need a place to sleep and items to keep them busy. Just a few toys will be sufficient to get them playing and encourage puppy exercise. Keep their sneaky chewers away from your furniture and shoes by showing them what items are theirs.

Pee-Pad and Clean-Up Supplies

Your puppy may come paper-trained or you could be starting from scratch. Either way, expect accidents and be prepared to clean them up. Stock up on paper towels and stain remover if they will have access to carpeted areas.

Don’t worry, this stage won’t last forever if you are consistent and patient with house training.

Congratulations on your New Puppy

Now you know exactly what you’ll need to help your new friend settle in. From their new collar to a cozy bed, they’ll be feeling at home in no time.

Congratulations on your new puppy, we’re confident that you’ll be acing pet-ownership in no time.

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