5 Big Hypoallergenic Dogs Breeds Everyone Loves


Do you love big dogs? Do you want to own a canine of your own but have family members who have allergies?

Fortunately, big dog-lovers who also happen to be allergic to dogs have options. There are larger, hypoallergenic dogs that will both fulfill your desire to own a bigger dog without having to suffer from constant allergies!

But what are the big hypoallergenic dog breeds, and what are they like?

If you want to learn more about the top 5 hypoallergenic dog breeds, keep reading! We’ll go into each of them below!

1. Standard Poodle

Do you love poodles? If so, consider getting one!

These large, fluffy-haired dogs are known for being sweet, gentle, smart, and loyal, making them perfect for families with children. They also have very mellow personalities, making them great for even first-time dog owners.

They also shed a minimal amount of dander, which makes them ideal for people who have animal allergies in their family.

2. Afghan Hound

Do you love dogs with long hair but worry about the shedding and the resulting itchy eyes and runny nose?

Then the Afghan Hound might be the dog for you. These gorgeous, big hypoallergenic dogs have long hair that gives them an elegant look. Personality-wise, they are both playful and fun and thrive in family settings.

While their hair doesn’t produce allergies, keep in mind that you have to brush and keep it groomed to maintain its nice appearance.

3. Giant Schnauzer

Want to own the biggest of the big hypoallergenic dog breeds? Take a look at the Giant Schnauzer.

These working terriers live up to their name–they can grow to more than 100 pounds! Out of all the hypoallergenic breeds, these dogs shed the least despite their unique mustaches. Their owners love how easy they are to train, and they have a high level of intelligence and loyalty.

4. Irish Water Spaniel

Have you always wanted to own a rare dog breed but wanted one that doesn’t make you feel like it’s allergy season?

Think about getting an Irish Water Spaniel. Sometimes, this dog’s curly hair does shed, but the curl keeps it from getting into your furniture and making your house ripe with allergies. They have playful, smart, and active personalities, making them great for families who match their energy.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

If you want a big dog that doesn’t get too big, consider getting the Portuguese Water Dog. They only grow to 60 pounds and get less than 2 feet in height.

Irish fishermen originally owned this dog to assist them with bringing fish into their nets. They require a lot of exercise and have a high intellect, making them great for families who also want a guard dog.

Have a dog that needs grooming? Learn more about dog grooming!

Ready to Buy One of the Big Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds?

So, do you want to get one of the big hypoallergenic dog breeds?

When you have allergies, knowing which dog breed to get can be difficult. Yet, if you get one of the dogs above, you get a large dog without having to go through the challenges of having allergies!

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