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Moving With Pets

Moving or relocating can be just as stressful for your pets as taking care of all the planning and logistics is for you. Not only are they stressed out about all the changes that are taking place around them, and in their environment, they are probably picking up on your stressed-out vibe too. Moving with a cat or a dog…

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Why Should You Train Your Dog?

The main misconception when it comes to dog training is that people do it to teach dogs commands by using punishment-based techniques and treats. It is also considered as a luxury for pet parents especially since most of them think that they can do it themselves with ease without anyone’s help. However, in the last few decades, owners started to…

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What Causes Hair Loss in Cats?

Unless you have a Sphynx or other breed of hairless cats, you may be wondering why your cat is suffering from hair loss. If you are concerned about a cat losing hair and weight, it is wise to consult the vet as the condition can get life-threatening fast. Worry-Free Shedding If you’re a first-time cat parent, know that shedding is…

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