Owning a dog brings many benefits, such as happiness and better health. Since these canines do so much for you, don’t you want to repay them for everything?

One way you can do so is by buying them toys they’ll find interesting and entertaining. After all, if they’re happy, so are you!

If you want to spoil your beloved pooch, then keep reading. We’ll give you a complete list of the coolest and best dog toys to buy.

Kong Dog Toy

If you’ve ever owned a dog before, then you’ll know this is a classic. The Kong dog toy is a hollow, gourd-looking rubber toy you can stuff with treats inside.

You have the choice of either leaving the toy on the floor or taking advantage of its elasticity by bouncing it around for your dog to chase.

Once they have the toy in their possession, your pet can then nibble the treats out. They can also get their desire to gnaw out by chewing on the Kong toy itself.

You don’t even have to stuff the toy with treats; you can use it as just a pull toy. Its design allows for easy cleaning when it gets dirty, so you won’t have to spend much time sanitizing it.

Treat Ball Dog Toy

This toy may look like a hamster ball, but it’s definitely for your dog, not a rodent! This is a plastic ball where you fill it with treats and your dogs chase after it.

It’s clear and open on one side so you can stuff it with treats and your dog can see what’s tempting them inside. This gives them something interactive to play with, which can stimulate their minds and also give them some exercise.

If you want something that gives your dog treats so you don’t have to walk around doing it yourself, then this is the perfect toy to purchase. You can even adjust the difficulty so your pooch doesn’t indulge itself on treats too much.

Rope Dog Toy

This one’s a simple one, but it’s also a classic that your pooch is sure to love.

Rope dog toys are super durable, meaning you can play fetch and tug of war multiple times with them and they won’t break apart. Make sure you buy ones made with cotton fibers instead of nylon so they won’t irritate your dog’s teeth or gums.

Some are even made to promote dental hygiene for your pet. For instance, they may have dental flossed and baking soda embedded in the ropes so while your dog’s playing with the toy, they’ll get squeaky clean teeth and gums.

Stuffed Animal Squeakers

This is a toy that’s guaranteed to make your pup go bonkers! Since dogs love to rip things up, many pet stores carry tons of stuffed animals made to look like anything from cute squirrels to out-of-this-world aliens.

Not only can your dog rip up these stuffed animals, but they can also enjoy the noises they make too. Most of these stuffed animals have squeakers inside so whenever they interact with them, it emits a loud funny noise.

This is a versatile toy, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth. Not only can your dog chew on it, but you can also play fetch and tug of war with it.

Plus, there are so many designs that you can never have enough of these. For example, there are many that are holiday-themed, like Halloween ghosts or Christmas elves. You might find some of them are so cute you might buy double so you can keep some for your own collection!

Ball Dog Toy

This is another simple one for your list. Although, you shouldn’t just pick any ball to throw for your dog; make sure it’s specifically made for canines to play with.

For example, there are some ball dog toys that are made to have high bounce, as well as be buoyant and durable. This means you can toss these balls in a number of environments, such as at home, outside at the park, or in the pool.

If you’ve tried using regular tennis balls, then you’ll know the struggles of them quickly becoming soggy and chewed up. But with ball dog toys, you won’t have that problem. They’re made with thick rubber cores so they’ll last quite a while, even if your pup plays with them all day, every day.

Ball Dog Toy Launcher

If you’re not as fit as you used to be, then you’ll want to get one of these. It’s a long stick where you put the ball on the top, cock it behind you, and make a throwing motion. This launches the ball farther than you’d be able to throw it naturally.

Not only does this toy allow you to throw the ball further, but it also eliminates the need to bend over to pick up the ball when your dog returns with it. The design of the launcher makes it so you can scoop it up easily.

Frisbee Dog Toy

You may have a frisbee lying around, and you think: my pooch will really love this toy!

It’s true, but you shouldn’t use human frisbees. These are made of hard plastic, which can crack after being repeatedly caught in a dog’s mouth. As a result, you may inadvertently hurt your poor pup.

Instead, get them a frisbee dog toy. These are usually completely made of rubber so whenever your dog catches them, it’ll be soft and gentle on their teeth. They’ll also last longer since they won’t crack upon impact.

One thing you should look out for is the toy brands. Find the best to give your dogs and they’ll be both happy and healthy.

Get the Best Dog Toys for Your Pet

Now that you know what the best dog toys are, what are you waiting for? Get out there and purchase these toys so your canine friend can be the happiest they’ve ever been!

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