9 High Energy Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Active People


Have you ever been running and had to stop because your dog couldn’t keep up? Active people understand this predicament, and the last thing you want to do is push your dog too far.

If you’re looking for an exercise companion that will love to run with you, there are plenty of breeds to choose from including large dogs, white dogs, hunting dogs etc. Many also require mental stimulation and play, besides everyday activity.

Here are 9 high energy dog breeds that will be sure to love your active lifestyle. Take a look!

1.Jack Russell Terriers

If you love to run or hike, Jack Russells can be the perfect energetic dogs for your active life. They were bred for hunting because they could fit down fox holes, and they love to run.

That’s the case for many terriers, although Jack Russells specifically have high energy. Be sure you prioritize exercise for this breed or they bark incessantly and even try to dig.

2.Border Collies

Border collies were bred to be working dogs, herding sheep and doing other farm work. If you’re looking for dogs with high energy, border collies are a very high energy breed.

Other ways to keep your collie interested and active include dog puzzles and toys, as well as playing fetch. Some collies are quite popular in frisbee competitions.

3.Standard Poodles

Although poodles are generally depicted in movies as sedate, elegant dogs, they are the perfect dogs for active people. Originally bred for hunters, poodles started as dogs who retrieved waterfowl.

Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. They get bored quickly, and they’re also very energetic. Your poodle will love spending time outside with you and will need a lot of exercise.

4.Siberian Husky

Huskies were bred to pull sleds in the Arctic, so it’s understandable that they have lots of energy. They’re also very strong and enduring, more qualities that make sense with their origins.

No matter where you live, your husky will want to stay active. Dogs can misbehave if they aren’t exercised enough. Make sure that huskies have plenty of space to run or lots of opportunities to exercise if you live in an urban environment.

Huskies can overheat because of their thick coats, so carry extra water if you’re outside in the summer. You’ll need to choose shaded paths or exercise in the evening if you live in a hot climate.

5.High Energy Dog Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dogs

These dogs are very strong. The Swiss bred them to haul cargo through the Alps, so their legs are muscly. With all that muscle comes a lot of energy, so you’ll need to spend a lot of time exercising your pup.

Bernese mountain dogs are very sweet and affectionate, so many people think they would do well with children. Yet they’re also very large dogs, so be careful around young kids or babies. These dogs love to romp and play, especially outside.

Give your Bernese mountain dog plenty of exercise and play opportunities, and they’ll be happiest.


We think of dalmatians as fire dogs or cute little puppies from a cartoon. Yet dalmatians were originally bred to be carriage dog, running alongside horse-drawn carriages to protect them from robbers.

Because of this, they’ve earned a reputation as aggressive and sometimes dangerous, although you can avoid this if you socialize your dalmatian. They tend to be uncertain and guarded around strangers, but proper training can eliminate that tendency.

Because of their history, dalmatians make great dogs for runners. They like to run, and they’ll be happy to train with you. They can be hyperactive or destructive if they don’t get all the exercise they need.

7.German Shorthaired Pointer

Germans are bird dogs, known for their work with hunters. They’re great retrievers, and they earned their name for their pointing ability when they detect prey.

Pointers love to run, and they’ll be happy to go on any long hiking trip. In fact, they’re happiest when they have a job to do.

They are great in the water, so swimming is a good activity to burn off some of that energy. They can also do well with runners and other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

8.Australian Shepherds

Because of their herding history, these shepherds are high energy dogs. They love to run, especially if they can do some herding while they’re at it. Your dog may try to herd your kids, a natural instinct that can be funny to watch.

Besides their work with herding, these dogs are also famous for their work as cow dogs or at rodeos. Cowboys love Australian Shepherds because they make great companions with cattle and other ranch tasks.

These dogs need a job to do or they get bored, and they need plenty of exercise. They’re also beautiful dogs, often with bright blue eyes to accompany their speckled coat.

9.Belgian Malinoises

Your Belgian Malinois has a lot of energy and will need plenty of exercise. They are traditionally working dogs, especially with the military or the police, because of their nose work.

Belgians are great watchdogs, but they also need plenty of walking and exercise. You can enroll your dog in sports if you aren’t able to provide all the exercise they need. Providing tracking opportunities can help give them mental stimulation, too.

Pets and Outdoor Activities

If you love to be outside and live an active lifestyle, then looking at high energy dog breeds can help you find the right pet. They need someone who loves to exercise or run so that they can get a daily workout, too.

From terriers to shepherds and everything in between, working dogs have the best reputation for being energetic. Look for one of the breeds above to complete your family and provide the exercise companion you’re seeking.

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