Do you feel an empty void in your life that could only be filled by a furry little companion? Are dogs and cats too mainstream for you? Do you want to brag about your pet to coworkers and strangers you meet in line at the grocery store?

Getting an exotic pet is the answer!

An exotic pet can add some spice to your life while being a great conversation starter!

Here are four exotic animals you can own legally.

  1. Sugar Gliders

One of the cutest pets to own is the sugar glider. Sugar gliders are small marsupials that originate from Australia. When living in someone’s home, they eat sweet fruits, vegetables, and glider food.

Gliders typically have a lifespan of 12-15 years and can even learn to do tricks. Sugar gliders are curious and can seek out human attention once bonded to their owner. Having some open air in your home is a plus as sugar gliders often glide through the air.

  1. Fennec Foxes

Hailing from the deserts of Africa, fennec foxes are energetic like dogs with all the curiosity and alertness of cats. They require owners who can keep up with an active pet because they have high energy levels and are known to dig. If you plan on taking your fennec fox outside, make sure your yard is secure because they can be difficult to recapture.

Fennec foxes typically eat plants, rodents, and insects, but can eat dog food and cat food when domesticated. Because they originate from the desert, they can survive without water for long periods of time.

  1. Boa Constrictors

If you’re less into furry pets and more into scaly reptiles, a boa constrictor may be the exotic pet for you!

A boa constrictor requires an enclosure that simulates a tropical climate. The enclosure must be secure because boa constrictors will try to escape if given the opportunity. They also require adequate lighting and a weekly/monthly diet of dead rodents.

Boa constrictors, when cared for properly and not provoked, are gentle creatures. However, it is not recommended to own one if you have children.

  1. Monkeys

If you want a constant companion that can live up to 40 years while having the temperament of a child their whole life, a monkey is the perfect choice! Because monkeys are intelligent, they require a lot of mental stimulation to keep them entertained. They will also need a lot of space to wander and play.

Monkeys require constant supervision and can be challenging to care for, but not everyone can say they own one!

The Best Exotic Animals You Can Own Legally

Now that you know the most exciting exotic animals you can own, it’s time to commit to one! Choose an animal with needs and a personality that match your lifestyle and can be accommodated by your home’s layout. This will make things easier for both of you in the long run!

Be sure to perform some research to make sure your state allows you to own your exotic animal of choice. You may even need to acquire a permit for some exotic pets.

Be sure to check back regularly for more animal care tips!

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