CBD is getting a lot of attention in the medical world at the moment, and is popping up in all sorts of products. One area where it’s starting to get more recognition is when it comes to pet care, especially dogs. CBD has been proven to help dogs deal with all sorts of issues, from inflammation caused by arthritis to mood disorders. Still, many people might be apprehensive about using CBD on their dogs, and this is mainly due to misconceptions about the product. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about CBD and dogs.

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CBD is Illegal in my State

Not true. CBD that is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC is perfectly legal in all 50 states. It’s very important, however, that it comes from hemp and hemp only, and that you can certify its THC composition.

The only way that you can do that is by going for a reputable supplier and see a lab analysis. Suppliers like cannacompanionusa.com, for instance, will gladly show you lab results and only extract from stems and seeds from the hemp plant. So, you’ll be sure that you’re not only getting quality but that the product is actually legal.

CBD and Marijuana are One and the Same

CBD has no psychoactive effects. This means that it won’t make your dog high. This is, of course, if the product does not contain THC. THC is the psychoactive element that produces the typical effects associated with marijuana. None of this should be in any product given to dogs.

CBD can Cure Anything

There have been lots of claims made about CBD and its effects, but a lot of it is lies. There’s also the fact that dosage will make a big difference, and some products only have what can be considered trace amounts of CBD in. So, even if CBD has been shown to work for things like blood pressure and inflammation, you have to make sure that the product you choose has the concentration needed to actually get the benefits.

Some of the proven benefits of CBD for dogs include reducing seizures, anxiety, and general pain and discomfort. The evidence for anything else is still limited.

Dogs Can Easily Overdose on CBD

The potential for a dog or a human to overdose on CBD is close to none unless they ingest an incredibly large quantity of it. Still, you have to be careful when first giving your dog CBD. It’s not about the CBD per se, but the other carrier oils that might be used in the product. Some of these could actually end up irritating their digestive system if they’re not used to having a lot of fat in their diet.

So, now that we’ve dispelled some of the most common myths about CBD and dogs, we hope we were able to demystify it for you. Do your research on CBD and the cannabis plant, especially hemp, and see if CBD could be a good alternative treatment method for your dog.

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