Some dog owners prefer smaller dog breeds that enjoy snuggling up on the couch with their owner. However, other owners prefer a hunting companion or want a watchdog to protect their homes from potential intruders. Regardless of your personal needs, keeping a bigger dog requires a huge commitment. There are two large dog breeds you should know about that deserve special love and attention.

1. German Shepherd

One dog breed renowned for its use by squads in law enforcement is the German shepherd. Courage and loyalty are two of their strongest, most popular traits. Their large and dominant size, as well as their powerful sense of smell, makes them ideal companions to police officers who are chasing after drug lords and other criminals.

You shouldn’t keep these dogs sheltered in smaller, more confined spaces because they love to run around and play. German shepherd puppies for sale Florida must be trained early to prevent them from becoming too paranoid and aggressive toward other animals. You want to get them engaged with activity so you can keep them in a positive mood.

2. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are large, lovable dogs famous for rescuing people from snowstorms. They originated in the Swiss Alps, where they were used by monasteries to save stranded travelers. You can recognize them by their dark red coat and long tail.

Saint Bernards are quick to learn short commands and love being around others, making them prosocial and cooperative. It’s important to keep them active as they develop, so you’ll need to provide them large outdoor space to keep their weight under control and prevent their joints from swelling as they age. People often consider them to be gentle giants who are patient and understanding towards others.

Larger dog breeds can easily be misinterpreted as malicious, mean animals. However, this is not often the case for larger breeds. Whether you choose between a Saint Bernard or German shepherd, it’s up to you to raise your dog properly to avoid potential problems that may arise.

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